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Since 2018 we have tried to raise public awareness by posting the noises recorded, firstly on Sound Cloud and later on YouTube.

In 2021 we made a forty minute documentary, the documentary together with other videos and recordings can be accessed by clicking the images on the left.

In the documentary, nine people who recorded noises at our former house share their thoughts and discoveries.

Mr Dan Beitzel, a man trained in detecting criminality and identifying weapons, gives his opinion on the noises that were recorded.

He states that in his expert opinion criminality is taking place, he also identifies one of the weapons that was recorded firing in a later recording.

All of our information has been given to the Police.

We discovered the lease holder of Sophia Nails in Ammanford at the time the noises were recorded, was Trang Than Tran, a lady convicted in 2018 for her part in 15 illicit drug factories in Wales - BBC News article.

We also discovered that Mustafa Binboga was the lease hold owner of the shop next door, he was a wanted man. The South Wales Guardian reported that he was aged 47, and was convicted of committing rape at gunpoint and attempted child molestation by a court in Turkey.

He was sentenced to more than 12 years’ imprisonment, but absconded from custody and escaped to the UK where he set up numerous business interests, including the fast food establishment next door to the house where the noises were recorded.

South Wales Guardian News article

Christine Tait started writing a diary in July 2018, in her diaries she recorded everything that happened on a day by day basis.

Christine details every time we put recorders inside our former property and what we heard when we played the recordings, noises that sounded like women and children crying, screaming and being abused.

In some of the later recordings noises that sound like gunshots can be heard.

Christine detailed everything we discovered along the way, she is currently typing the content of her diaries and will be making them available as a (free) download for anyone that wants to read them.

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